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Lewis Evans

The definitive workshop for sustainable brand success

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Discover the true drivers of brand success

Have you ever wondered why some brands succeed and others fail?

Do you feel you're doing everything right but are still disappointed with your performance, impact and analytics? 

Or have you reached 'ceiling' and need to re-brand to graduate to the next level?

The 3-day Brand New! workshop is an intensive, highly stimulating, empowering process designed to generate ideas, cultivate commitment and engender enthusiasm, infusing the company vision with new purpose, healthy dynamics, focus, direction and meaning.

And by the end of the workshop, you are already applying your new brand!

BRAND NEW! workshops - ideal for organizations that:

  • are seeking a creative edge, a dynamic approach, enhanced performance, a renewed sense of purpose, like-minded clients, increased sales, greater team cohesion, and/or a fresh perspective
  • want to unearth their creative genius and to apply it in powerful, practical ways 
  • want to elevate their awareness and their professional contribution in meaningful, authentic, sustainable, values-based ways
  • understand the value and impact of cultivating healthy human dynamics in creating a healthy, thriving organization

Lewis Evans is a passionate facilitator, innovator, inventor, artist, author and creative catalyst with over 30 years' experience in business, marketing communications and creative, unboxed thinking. He has led numerous international workshops and trainings in creative entrepreneurship, strategy-planning, and corporate creativity, designed to elevate people and businesses to their optimal levels of performance, fulfillment and success.

"Brand New! is about getting to the creative core of a company—finding its pulse, assessing and enhancing its health, developing its personality, crafting its culture, and leveraging its unique market signature. It's also about getting to the core of you; only when you understand the human dynamics that shape and drive you can you truly thrive in your personal and professional endeavours."

You will discover how to:

  • build a potent, authentic, high-performance brand identity
  • stimulate and realize your organization's true creative potential
  • identify and leverage your strengths and unique offering
  • activate the power of you, your team and your organization
  • create magnetism and meaningful rewards through your brand
  • understand and work with the true dynamics that drive success
  • develop practical, values-based steps for brand implementation and success

I've run a successful family business for 30 years, but until Lewis began collaborating with my team, we didn't fully understand our brand. His creative coaching, long term commitment and invigorating dialogue have absolutely clarified this vital part of our business. Now our corporate identity, internal training and marketing are fully aligned with our mission, vision and values. This has enabled us to provide an even better customer experience and greatly increase the quality of our services. We've had nothing but extremely positive feedback on our new look and enthusiasm for our craft. We've definitely learned what brand is and how to communicate it to our customers, thanks to Lewis.

Ronald Tremblay

Your workshop, designed to perfectly meet your needs

There are many ways we can do this.

The workshop can be configured to suit individual needs, from one to three days or as classes over several weeks for educational establishments. As a three-day intensive it has three main elements:

  • Day 1: Brand foundation
  • Day 2: Journey, process and leverage
  • Day 3: Coordination and implementation

These three days are designed to jump-start the branding process. Branding requires continuous attention, focus and momentum, so we also offer monthly structured follow-up—for six months, a year, or more—and project-based assistance/implementation, working independently or with your team(s).

We agree on a schedule, a pace and budget that suit your needs, and a programme that ideally fits your goals and aspirations.  

Taking advantage of convenient options for the workshop and follow-up meetings—for instance, we can organize remote meetings that can save on travel and coordinate with staff who may be based in different locations.

Let's talk about it.
Call me, Lewis Evans, CEO of Cogenica Media Inc., or book an appointment for a no-obligation chat so I can find out a bit more about your requirements and you can get to know me a little better.

I look forward to it!

Ready to take a closer look?

To get the ball rolling, there are just three simple steps:

  • Needs assessment: We explore your goals for the workshop.
  • Format: We agree location, facilities required etc, and I provide a quotation for your workshop
  • Continuation: We have a broad agreement on continued commitment and what that would look like (to be clarified during the workshop).

If you'd like to get an idea of what's required for the workshop, fillout the 'needs assessment' form (see below).

This can be a very useful exercise for you to do, even if you are not considering doing the workshop, as it will help you answer some of the questions you may have about your organization, as well as enabling me to formulate the most effective workshop for you, should you choose to do one.

Do Part B quickly, without pondering your answers too long. Your answers will tend to be more intuitive and more helpful in terms of identifying what needs to be done.

Part C is about workshop logistics. Don't worry if you can't complete it, as there are usually issues here that require deeper exploration.

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