Unlock the power of your organization with a customized coaching package

 Build your essential brand foundation for:

Start-up: you are either bootstrapping your development or need to demonstrate capability and competency while seeking funding.

Early-stage organization: (3—5 years old) you have developed beyond your current brand or deviated from your original plan.

Established organization: you want to build on your success and refresh your brand in order to expand, diversify or change direction.

Three keys to success


First, we get to understand everything about your organization and where it is now, so we have a benchmark to work from.
Then, we agree on where you want to go with your organization: what kind of business you want, your goals, objectives, vision and dreams.

Transactional coaching

We explore the fundamentals of how your organization runs and how we can improve it, change it where necessary and optimize performance.
We typically look at, for example, brand, sales, marketing, finance, growth, teams and systems to discover the best your company can be.

Transformational coaching

An organization is only as good as its people and their relationships. What are your beliefs about yourself, others, your organization and the potential of all of these? What is your mindset and does it serve you and your organization? I work with you and your staff to bring out the best for success.

Lewis Evans: expert guidance, more than 30 years' experience

Lewis Evans is a communications expert with wide-ranging creative and technical skills. He has run his own creative studios, and has a background in graphic design, photography and engineering that enriches his coaching work through practical experience. He facilitates workshops and seminars and carries out corporate branding and marketing communications projects for companies and organizations world-wide. He also worked with the United Nations on HIV and AIDS, and supports a humanitarian and peace-based charitable organizations as a board member.

"My greatest satisfaction is seeing my clients raise the bar and achieve their goals while thoroughly enjoying the process. I'm fully committed to the creative process, working with a beginner's mind and daily 'walking my talk' as an artist, author and inventor."

Lewis Evans

The right coaching package for you

How we work with you

  • We develop a common understanding about you, your products and/or services, your current situation, vision, focus and direction.
  • Having assessed your unique needs and requirements, we agree on a course of action.
  • We agree a schedule of calls and/or in-person sessions and the road map for achieving your objectives.
  • Feedback is exchanged, in both directions, throughout the coaching process.
  • Finally, I provide a report and suggest additional options for further growth.

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